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Changing Your Mind After Filing For Divorce In California

Reconciliation prior to the finalization of a divorce is a dream come true for many couples. Calling off a divorce can save a lot of stress, money, and emotional hardship on the whole family. Perhaps you and your spouse want to opt out of divorce in lieu of a less permanent arrangement, such as legal […]

What is a “Nonprofit”?


The word “nonprofit”   The term “nonprofit” means different things to many different people. It’s a commonly used word without a common understanding between writer and reader. People often use the words “nonprofit” and “tax exempt” interchangeably. Congress has created almost three dozen types of tax-exempt organizations in different sections of the tax code.   […]

What Will Happen to My Hotmail Account When I Die?

Keeping Your Account Private Because Microsoft provides account access to the families and representatives of deceased account holders, you will have to plan ahead if you want to keep your account private after your death. Here are some options: Delete the account before you die. This is not always practical, but it works. Keep in mind […]

Should I Incorporate in California or Delaware?

Business owners often ask whether they should be incorporating in California (or their home state) or if they are better protected by incorporating in Delaware or some other jurisdiction. Their concerns are often focused on taxes, limitations on personal liability and governance of the corporation. However, for venture scale startups, the question may best be […]

The Convenient and Practical Features of a Delaware Corporation

If you’re in California and considering starting a company, you’ve probably heard by now why investors traditionally prefer the Delaware Corporation over a California Corporation. These reasons include, but are not limited to, a well-established legal precedent that makes disputes easier to resolve and corporate attorneys’ familiarity with Delaware corporate law, making VC deals easier to execute.  […]

Legal Precedent Meaning

What is a Precedent? Precedent is a legal principle, created by a court decision, which provides an  authority for judges deciding similar issues later. Decisions of higher courts (such as Appellate Courts & Supreme Counts) are mandatory precedents on lower courts within that jurisdiction. That means the legal principle announced by a higher court must […]

Seller’s Permit vs. Resale Certificate In California

New business owners know that they need to collect sales tax on items that they sell, but they aren’t sure if they need a Seller’s Permit or a Resale Certificate. In California, this is an important distinction because while you might only need one, use of both may save you a significant amount of money […]

Starting a Delaware Corporation in California

For various reasons, many founders decide to incorporate in Delaware even if their principle place of business will be California. This is legal and commonplace, but there are some legal and practical points that the founders will consider.   Registered Agent. All Delaware corporations need to have a registered agent within the State of Delaware. If you […]

Which Open Source License Should a Developer Pick?

Software Technologist may have decided to provide open source software, but they may not know which open source license to use. This post describes three resources developers can consult to help make that decision. Open Source Licences Explained It’s important to note that there are no good or bad licenses, and that no one license is better than another. […]